Taking the responsibility of support and maintenance of custom-designed software, apps, tools, legacy software and databases without cover.

Any software which we have designed can be backed up with a comprehensive level of support and maintenance ensuring your users have the support they need and the software is continually maintained and optimised.

Specification & Design Reviews

The functional specification of new software applications and the design review of existing software applications.

Software Testing

User group testing and automated software testing for desktop, mobile and web-based applications.

Software Support

The ongoing support and development of bespoke software applications and related databases, plus end-user support.

Audits, Reviews & Consultancy

We can audit and review your existing software applications, development process and provide consultancy.

Software Project Management

The management of small to large scale software development projects and the implementation of software releases.

Support and maintenance is a critical component of a successful software development project, and common examples of this are

Design review of existing stand-alone database

The design review process of an existing database or application goes through each form, report or screen to decide whether specific fields are necessary, whether the data being entered is still of value, and if new fields or data needs to be added.

Specification of a new web-based software application

Before embarking on a new software development project, a comprehensive specification should be created detailing exactly what the new software should do, specific fields and data types required, and mock-ups of each form, report or screen.  There’s much more detail that needs to go into a specification and often this is used to determine the environment which the application will be built within, project timescale and costing.

Unit testing of a multi-user desktop application

Unit testing is a systematic way of testing a software application to ensure that the application works as intended, and so that for specific data inputs the desired response is given.   It’s possible to automate the process of unit testing, but in some cases manual unit testing is advantageous and can also be part of a user experience test which checks the usability of an application.

Project management of long-term software design project

Long term software design projects require specific project management experience.   Creating software sprints and understanding how software programmers work and knowledge of the various programming languages and frameworks is essential.

Client Projects

We have worked with a clients across a diverse range of business sectors such as marketing, engineering and retail, designing and coding software for desktop, mobile and the web, and writing literally millions of lines of code.

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