Automate any repetitive processes on desktop, in applications or on the web through the creation of scheduled scripts or macros.

Scripts & Macros can automate tedious and repetitive tasks which can improve your staff productivity and reduce human error. More intensive tasks can be scheduled to run during silent hours and therefore not impact on the core working day.

Repetitive Task Automation

Automate repetitive desktop or server-side tasks to reduce manual user intervention and cut-down on user error.

Scheduled Script Development

The creation of scheduled scripts and comments which can perform intensive computer or server tasks in silent hours.

Microsoft Office Development

The development of Microsoft Office macros and add-ins to automate repetitive tasks, perform complex calculations and create custom formulas and outputs.

Scripts & Macros can be developed and deployed to automate a wide range of repetitive tasks, such as

Microsoft Word Document Automation

Microsoft Word is the most popular document processing application, and users are often faced with tasks which become repetitive and tedious.   Macros can be created for Microsoft Word to automate such tasks – and even automatically generate sets of documents with database information – so that time consuming tasks can be completed at a click of a button or with minimal data entry.

Microsoft Excel Custom Formulas & Automation

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet tool within businesses, and whilst it comes as standard with a huge library of built-in formulas and functionality, there is sometimes a need to create more sophisticated formulas or to automate and manipulate data so that complex calculations can be done at a click of a button or when a specific condition has been met.

Microsoft Outlook Macros & Add-ins

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email and communication client within businesses.  Often, the standard set of tools inside Outlook are suitable for most businesses, but in cases where some more intelligent tools are required, such as creating automated responses based on email content, or developing forms for more prescribed email responses, then custom macros or add-ins can be developed to achieve it.

Custom backup & file sync scripts

In cases where desktop or server backup software will not meet your requirements, custom backup scripts can be developed to cater for a mix in server environments, schedules and networks – a good example being a site to site file synchronisation script between two Synology NAS devices over fixed broadband WAN connections.

Client Projects

We have worked with a clients across a diverse range of business sectors such as marketing, engineering and retail, designing and coding software for desktop, mobile and the web, and writing literally millions of lines of code.

JGC Timesheet System

JGC Purchase Order System

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