Norscot CRM Software Application

A bespoke CRM software application to manage the enquiry to delivery process


Norscot Joinery is a leading manufacturer of timber frame house kits, windows and doors to the retail and trade markets. From its factory in Caithness and showrooms in Caithness and Inverness it sells its products and services to customers throughout the Highlands and beyond.

Navertech was first commissioned to design review all existing databases which had been developed in-house over several years.   Following the design review, a specification for a new bespoke CRM software application was developed, taking all the relevant parts from the existing databases and removing any unnecessary or unused parts.

As a proof of concept, the job management part of the CRM was developed, demonstrating how the software application could be developed within a web-based environment and how the interface could be made super user friendly.

A phased approach was subsequently devised, to develop seven distinct modules which together would allow Norscot to manage and control every stage of the customer journey from point of enquiry right through to delivery.  Integration with their unique design package allowed key data to be imported rather than manual entered, improving efficiency and accuracy.

The end-result is a bespoke, web-based, CRM software application which makes the business more efficient and has scope to be expanded further in future.


Specification; User Interface Design; Programming; Database Design; Unit Testing; Data Migration; Support & Training;

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