UKAEA Dounreay

A bespoke Decommissioning and Waste Tracking software application


Following a comprehensive design review and specification process, Navertech was commissioned to design and build a fully integrated decommissioning and waste tracking software application for the Dounreay nuclear site, to provide full traceability from source to final disposal.

A server-based framework was adopted, providing a web-based user interface which was platform independent, and allowed the input and retrieval of information via local intranet or virtual private network, with no pre-requisite software or components.  All reports and forms were produced to conform to the client’s requirements and international regulations.

The result was a software application which allowed the comprehensive recording and reporting of

  • All plant, equipment and other sources of waste
  • Contamination and other risks
  • Decommissioning activities
  • Worker exposure to radioactivity and other types of hazard
  • Full environmental monitoring
  •  Full waste content analysis
  • Full traceability from production residue or decommissioned item to final waste consignment
  • A complete record of the work tasks that generated the waste
  • Data import from external monitoring and production systems
  • Data export to external waste management systems

In addition to the software design and build of the application, we were involved in the specification of the host server, server-based installation, integration with 3rd party systems, training of application users and the ongoing support and maintenance of the application to ensure continual compatibility and compliance with changing regulations.


Specification; Database Design; Software Design; Software Programming; Training; Software Support; Software Maintenance

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