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Since 2002 when we started designing and supporting software for our clients, we've also been busy developing several in-house and commercial-ready software applications.

Whilst our client work keeps our software team busy the majority of the time, we do like to make time to progress the feasibility study and design of our own innovative software applications and ideas.   In our day to day work, we often get inspired by a problem or need which software can potentially solve, and in cases where a solution is not readily available, we decide if it’s an opportunity to develop further with the aim of making it commercially available.

Our experience of designing software for SME clients in a diverse range of business sectors gives us a unique perspective of business needs and potential software applications.

Service business management solution


netXchange is our own internal business management tool and CRM which allows us to manager our customer, supplier and partner contacts, record communications, manage our staff holidays, projects and quotes, timesheets, ongoing services and automated service billing, as well as a series of management and productivity reports.

Stock control software application

Norbound Stock Manager

Norbound is a new commercial stock and asset management software application which is going through a trial period with a single client at present and is due to be released to the market in the spring of 2019.  It allows any business to easily manage and assign stock and assets, with full traceability.

Network Monitoring & Alerting System


Our nMonitor dashboard is primarily used as a large-screen display for Icinga – the open-source monitoring platform – which is utilised to monitor infrastructure and application within our IT support client sites and infrastructures.   In addition to that, it integrates with Zendesk for a real-time overview of tickets and our own bespoke timesheet system.  It has a radio player built in too, which is ideal for open plan office spaces.

QR Code Generator with Analytics


QRGO is a public facing web-based service which allows a QR codes to be generated for any URL, for free!  Mobile phone users can then scan the code (an app may be required) and it will automatically take them to the URL embedded within the QR code.   Our QRGO application also includes full tracking, so that the number of times each QR code is scanned can be measured.

Business management & financial forecasting tool

Biz Manager

BizManager is still at concept stage and will build upon our netXchange application to provide a wider range of business management tools, such as financial forecasting and cash flow projections, business document automation and much more.

If you have your own project in mind, or an idea for an app or software application which you need to develop further, then get in touch. Our MD David McGillivray is always happy to have an initial chat free of charge.

David McGillivray

David McGillivray

David is MD of Navertech and is a Digital Expert with 20 years experience in Digital, Marketing, IT and Software.